Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso 2021 – Top 10 Picks

To get you through a fighting dull morning and welcome a joyful afternoon, only an admirable cup of coffee can do all this magic. You may know that after brewing, an espresso cup has around 12% of dissolved coffee from the grounds. While the traditional coffee has just around 2% of dissolved coffee. So, by comparing the intensity, espresso is sufficient intensive which is the main reason most people love it. But you can get a delicious cup of espresso only if you have the best coffee beans for espresso.

As the coffee grounds play an important role in the final brew, so it is necessary that the beans you use to accord with the brewing process. Not all the beans are fit for espresso, anyway, you should not worry because we are here with the 10 best beans for espresso which will ensure a delicious cup every time.

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso 2021

  1. Kicking Horse Coffee Bean
  2. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans
  3. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean
  4. Verena Street Espresso Beans
  5. Cafe de Loja Whole Coffee beans
  6. Peet’s Coffee Espresso Forte
  7. Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee
  8. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Whole Bean
  9. Intelligentsia Black Cat Analog Espresso
  10. JO Espresso

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What is the Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

First thing first, a classic espresso uses a dark roast or at the minimum a darker medium roast. Most users will think that it is traditional but there is science behind it. As the lower espresso extraction temperature leans to make coffee sourer, so, to overcome this, a darker roast is used. Thus, the lighter and medium roasts suitable for drip or pour-over coffee maker are not acceptable here. Remember that some roasters use inexpensive beans to cut the cost of dark roast, so be aware of that. Hence, if you want a perfect espresso cup, make sure that you use the proper espresso beans.

Tips to Get the Best Out of Espresso Beans

Whatever beans you use, the following are the few things that you should keep in mind to get the most out of them. In addition, you should have a quality espresso machine.

Use a Fine Grind
You should use a fine grind because espresso machines require fine grind. The fine grind is a way to compensate for low brewing temperature, as it offers faster extraction thus balancing the flavor.

Clue for a Fine Grind
A question arises in most users’ minds that how will one know whether the ground is fine enough for espresso or not? Well, there is a very simple clue for that, just keep an eye on the crema. Speaking of which, it is a golden layer you can see at the top of your cup. So, if it is thin or you see many large bubbles in it then the grind is not fine enough. Hence, you should try a finer grind and in doing so you should be able to adjust with the built-in grinder on automatic espresso machines.

Though you can order the pre-ground coffee it is not the best choice, yet it is better than the too coarse grind. Lavazza offers pre-ground which is the best coffee beans for super automatic espresso machine as well as manual. Anyway, you should get pre-ground only if you don’t have grinding expertise.

Sufficient Tamping
Besides getting the fine grind, make sure that you are tamping the basket sufficiently. Tamping plays an effective role that how quickly water runs through the puck while pulling a shot. So, to ensure that the grinds are packed closely and will extract appropriately, you will need 30 pounds of pressure.

It depends whether you are using a quality super-automatic espresso machine or manual. Don’t expect the pre-infusion feature from the manual machine, however, if you are using a super-automatic machine look for the pre-infusion feature. This feature wets the ground coffee before the brewing cycle is started and releases CO2 stored in them due to roasting. Along with this, it also helps in controlling the flow speed. As the grinds swell when it is wet, the water flows slowly and thus make certain the complete extraction.

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Best Coffee Beans for Espresso in 2021 Reviews

1. Kicking Horse Coffee Bean

PROS: Sweet-scented, Great Flavor, Certified Organic

CONS: Beans Seem to be too Dry

Best Coffee Bean for Espresso Kicking Horse Coffee

The first thing that will grab your attention is the pure black color packaging. The origin of Kicking Horse is Africa, Indonesia, Central and South America. So, you should not worry about the reliability and legitimacy of these best coffee beans for espresso. Plus, the deep, dark and tasty roast is carried out below the towering Canadian Rocky Mountain peaks.

Speaking of the quality, Kicking Horse will give you an everlasting taste of cocoa and fruits. What will you love the most is the ideal mixture of black currant flavor, brown sugar, and milk chocolate. With such a combination, both a little bitter and sweet taste put together to provide the most complete coffee flavor.

2. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

PROS: Low Acid Levels, No Bitterness, Smooth and 100% Arabica

CONS: A Bit Expensive

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Dark roast coffee by Koffee Kult is the favorite of most coffee lover and delivers the top-notch coffee experience in the world. Just mix it with hot water or milk and the aroma is more than enough to energize your spirit. On top of that, the oil-free nature of the beans guarantee good health and thus you can enjoy infinite cups of coffee. In addition, the best coffee beans for espresso maker come from Colombia, Sumatra and Guatemala, so credibility is at the top.

Koffee Kult Dark roast beans deliver smooth coffee without any bitter taste. More, the beans are 100% Arabica-class which needs no introduction. Hence, if you want the best medicine to eradicate laziness from your life, the bold and strong flavor of Koffee Kult will do the job for you.

3. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean

PROS: High-quality Italian Beans , Mild and Smooth Fruity Taste, Airtight and Premium Package

CONS: Be Careful if You are Sensitive to Caffeine

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean

Are you looking for the best Lavazza coffee beans for espresso? Let’s dive straight into its super crema whole beans. These beans come from Indonesia, Colombia, India and Brazil and are roasted and blended in Italy. As espresso is a matter of pride in Italy, so these beans will give you an excellent brew. The roast is medium and creamy with the notation of almonds and honey along with modest dried fruit.

Lavaza super crema are made with 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans. Although the acidity is slightly high due to the presence of Robusta beans, at the same time gives more crema to the brew. Moreover, Lavaza beans are nitrogen packed, hence giving them an extended pre-opening life.

4. Verena Street Espresso Beans

PROS: Rainforest Alliance Certification, Very Rich Flavor, Roasted in Small Batches

CONS: Coffee Becomes Weak if too much Water Added

Verena Street Espresso Bean

The coffee lovers around the world recommend Verena Street as the best coffee beans for espresso. The reason behind this is the unique taste and outstanding combination of flavors. Upon the first sip, the sweet and creamy complexity will give you a whole new world coffee experience. Along with this, you also enjoy the smooth taste despite being fully roasted. In addition, they are packed and roasted in Dubuque, Iowa by an independent family owned coffee company.

The unmatched quality beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms which is more than enough to clear your doubts. Plus, when you purchase it you are indirectly doing good for the farmers. On top of that, these beans possess Kosher certification which is proof of authenticity and reliability.

5. Cafe de Loja Whole Coffee beans

PROS: Fairly Strong Coffee, Arabica beans, No bitter taste

CONS: Sometimes can taste overly stale

Cafe de Loja

Do you want that your cup of coffee is to be strong and bold? Well, if the answer is yes then these best whole coffee beans for espresso are for you. These 100% Arabica beans with medium to full body comes directly from the mountains of Eucador (South America). So, you don’t have to worry about its credibility. Cafe de Loja beans has a dense and rich taste. Plus, its fruity notes, deep aroma and no bitter aftertaste makes it an excellent choice for you to start your morning with it.

These whole beans are well roasted for bringing out its natural flavor. Furthermore, its triple-layered aluminum packaging keeps its freshness. Cafe de Loja coffee beans are perfect for an espresso machine but if you don’t have an espresso machine at your home then these beans are best for other brewing methods like drip coffee maker and french press.

6. Peet’s Coffee Espresso Forte

PROS: Smooth Crema, Hazelnut Notes, Bag Comes with Roasting Dates

CONS: May be Mild for Some Espresso Lovers

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Alfred Peet began roasting his own coffee in 1966. Starting in Berkeley, California, Peet’s Coffee brought a coffee revolution which is still in action. The top priority of the company is freshness and they will pull anything which is in stores for more than 90 days. Peet’s Coffee has crafted this blend for the most demanding method of preparation, that’s why we have included Espresso Forte in our list of best coffee beans for espresso.

Sourced from the Indo-Pacific and America, these beans provide sturdy-bodied coffee with strong and bold flavor. In addition, the strength of espresso flavor is exceeded by crema that is the official mark of ideal espresso. Though, these beans are marketed as espresso beans but they are equally acceptable for French press as well.

7. Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee

PROS: 100% Arabica Beans, Fresh and Roasted in Small Batches, Low Acidity

CONS: Not as Strong as other Espresso Beans

Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee

Cafe Don Pablo is a family owned coffee company and has its own recipe of preparing best coffee beans for espresso machine. The reason behind the longer preparation of this product than usual is due to the caramelization of sugar which makes the taste more intensive. More, the grains are grown in volcanic soil and at high latitude, thus the taste has a rich shade and makes the drink special. In addition, the tone of volcanic land gives absolutely dreamlike impact to these beans which is the main feature of this product.

Talking about the taste, these beans bear a resemblance to dark chocolate and mild earthy tone. More, the beans are 100% Arabica-class and they are not just suitable for espresso but for French press and Hand Drip Method as well.

8. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Whole Bean

PROS: Blended Whole Beans, Balanced and Sweet Taste, Cherry Notes

CONS: Costly Compare to other Whole Beans

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Whole Bean

Stumptown is the best coffee beans for espresso because of the proportional composition of all the ingredients. Just one sip and you will never want your coffee to finish because every cup gives you a delicious and balanced coffee. More, the beans are smooth and the taste is of lightly roasted caramel chocolate. On top of that, you can store these beans as long as you want without any change in the flavor.

Stumptown coffee roasters started roasting ideal coffee 20 years ago. The headquarter is in Portland and they are serving excellent coffee. For example, the Hairbender having rich Indonesian textures which are balanced by the typical flavors of Africa and Latin America. In addition, along with espresso, these beans are suitable for all brewing methods.

9. Intelligentsia Black Cat Analog Espresso

PROS: Delivers Excellent Espresso, Acceptable Sweetness

CONS: Pricey Blend

Intelligentsia Black Cat Analog Espresso

Intelligentsia Black Cat Analog Espresso are one of the high intensity beans which will give you strong and bold flavor each and every time. The blend is full-bodied producing continuously sweet and chocolaty espresso. With a unique brightness, this blend has a mission to revolutionize the perspective of people about espresso and thus won’t let you down.

The taste of the best coffee beans for espresso is syrupy and sweeter than most of the espresso. More, as it is a blend so the flavor profile changes to some degree from season to season. On top of that, with dark chocolate hints, it is a well-balanced blend and you will certainly love it.

10. JO Espresso

PROS: USDA Certified, Clean Food Certification, Fair Trade Product Certification

CONS: Roasting Date is not Mentioned on the Bag

JO Espresso

Now a days people prefer organic food, so why not make the similar change in your coffee. JO Espresso, the best coffee beans for espresso are 100% Arabica-class dark roasted coffee. So, you will long for it forever once you experience it. Plus, the abundant aroma of crema and dark chocolate will make your coffee more pleasurable. On top of that, there are no preservative added, hence you get to enjoy only natural flavors.

These beans are smooth in texture and amazing to taste. The other noteworthy feature of JO Espresso is evenness and perfection. Thus, if you want a real hard chocolate feeling from your coffee then these budget-friendly beans are for you.

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How to Pick the Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

The general rules of buying beans for espresso are as follows. When you are in the market, just keep them in mind and you will get the right product.

Go for Quality Beans Only

The first and most important rule is to buy only quality beans. Average or poor quality beans don’t have a satisfactory taste. Plus, quality coffee is picked when it is fully ripened and then store manually to get rid of bad beans.

Look for Fresh Beans

Only buy such beans which are freshly roasted, especially when buying from a small roaster. On the other hand, when buying from a large roaster, you should know how they package the beans. In addition, look for the expiration date, even if the beans were vacuum-packed you should not buy them if they are on the shelf for a longer time.

Buy in Small Quantities

Make a habit that you always buy beans in small quantities because if you buy too much it will be in your store for longer and thus will lose the natural taste. In addition, always buy whole beans but before that, you should have some expertise in grinding to get the perfect grind for espresso. However, if you can’t grind beans by yourself then go for pre-ground.

Know About the Roaster

There is nothing wrong with experimentation and you can always try a new roaster. However, keep in mind that you should know enough about the roaster and you have some references from the coffee lovers around you. In the case of local roasters, look at the way they store roasted beans. It is necessary because if the beans are freshly roasted but they are not stored properly, the taste may disappoint you.

Know the Origin of the Beans

The last thing that you should keep in mind is to know where the coffee comes from because if you don’t know the origin it may be of poor quality. In simple words, Arabica is the best coffee beans for espresso, and espresso made from it is pleasurable. Plus, 5 to 15 percent of Robusta beans in a blend will give more crema to your espresso shot.

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Espresso is the least understood coffee brewing method for most of the users and due to this, they can’t choose the right beans. Anyway, all the information about espresso beans is available on this page and we hope that you will find it helpful. Our job is done and now it’s up to you to choose the proper espresso beans. Moreover, we shall be updating our list, therefore keep visiting so that you don’t miss the latest information. In addition, if you have any reservations in mind, please do ask in the comment section below. Good Luck!

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